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Apple’s Unusual Social media strategy | Why Apple does not post on social media

Ever wondered why Apple isn’t active on social media platforms? Obviously, it’s surprising and at the same time, a little strange that an enormous tech company like Apple does not have a huge social media presence.

Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Plug and Play invest in Odiggo’s $2.2M seed round

Servicing one’s car personally is a time-consuming, expensive and painstaking process. It’s a cycle that can lead to more expensive repairs and safety issues down the line, and no car owner likes that.

Samsung’s refined Galaxy Fold 

We’re not ready to talk mainstream, but things are trending in the right direction for the Galaxy Z Fold 3

Business Model of Ola | How does Ola Cabs makes money

The cab services have grown, especially in India. Finding a taxi for a ride to our destination has become pretty convenient and fulfilling. There are tons of companies that are competing in the market with their on-demand taxi services. And in this race, a well-known company, Ola, has gained the most votes and preferences.

The Future is Borderless: How Digital Finance Can Change Payments Across Europe

We’ve already seen emerging evidence of blockchain-based borderless solutions arriving across Europe, many of which offer a glimpse into the vast potential of digital finance.

If You’re Still Using Google Hangouts, Time is Running Out to Switch

Google gets serious about closing Hangouts, booting out users signed in to the dedicated app.

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