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Top 7 Ways to Create a Buzz around your Startup

Remember back in the days of the year 2017. When fidget spinners were new in the market, they took it by storm. Starting right from the kids to the adults’ everyone bought them, spinning and playing with them for hours.

Global Startups – Funding & Investors Data | 2020

In the long run, startups can only succeed if they can scale as and when they need to. Startups and other entrepreneurial ventures receive capital-popularly known as “funding”-from investors to think big, grow rich, and leave a lasting impact.

Elon Musk’s Loop gets Autopilot — and an intruder

Loop employees are still in the driver’s seat

New Zealand-based student well-being platform Komodo raises $1.8M NZD

Adolescence is a turbulent period and its challenges are being exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in the best of times, teens dealing with personal and school problems might have trouble talking about them.

What is Buy Now Pay Later Business Model and Why e-commerce companies are adopting this model

What do you think of buying now and paying later? Sounds so fascinating! That’s right, nothing can be compared with the happiness of a shopaholic that comes with this idea of buying now and paying later. Well, this ain’t just an idea anymore!

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