There is so much to think about when you are starting out as an entrepreneur, and it can be easy to let something slip your mind. Even if you are a seasoned professional with years of expertise, it doesn’t mean you always excel at planning, organisation, and time management.

However, whether you’re a veteran or a Gen Z entrepreneur, these skills are essential for you to be able to develop as an entrepreneur alongside your new business idea. Fortunately, we have a brief checklist of the essential parts of entrepreneurship.


A Viable Product

Success is not about having a product or an idea. Anyone can have a product or service idea, but it must be something that is viable and has a market in which to sell. If you have a great idea, but can’t see a portion in the market, perhaps it is not its time in the sun just yet.

Before committing to a new business venture, ensure you thoroughly research the market to be sure it has a place and there is demand for it.


A Financial Budget

You will need to take control of both your business and personal finances. Creating a budget for your business will help you plan out what product development and other aspects will cost, and if you can afford them.


A Business Website

Your researched and budgeted new product will be going nowhere if you do not have anywhere for people to find out about it. A business website is ideal for showcasing your product or service, and for implementing SEO measures too.


A Marketing Strategy

When starting out as an entrepreneur, SEO should be one of the priorities within your marketing strategy. As a new business, it’s important to do what you can to be found and improve your rankings within search engines, so you can drive traffic to your product and generate revenue.


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