Organizations are always willing to take the initiative when it comes to solving new problems. The problem is not whether they will take the initiative or not, but more so when and how they will take the initiative. As a leader, I find it hard to believe that our teams will not take the initiative to solve upcoming issues within the company. This article describes five strategies for employers to employ to ensure that their teams are taking the proper initiative in solving issues.

Taking the initiative

The first strategy for employers to apply is to recognize their employees’ initiative. Even if your employees take the initiative to solve issues within the workplace, do not be quick to praise them for this. Give them the opportunity to act without accolades, rewards, or recognition. Give them space to explore their thoughts and options without being criticized for being the one who came up with the idea. By doing this, you show them that they do not have to act without your encouragement.

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The second strategy for employers to apply is to show initiative through different forms of expression. Showing initiative in different forms such as body language, speech, and nonverbal communication shows the person that you understand and support their initiative. You should also show initiative by being flexible. Don’t insist that they follow exactly what you want them to because it’s going to be very easy to get in their heads that you control every situation and decision in the workplace.

The third strategy for employers to apply is to take initiative by understanding the value of creativity. We all know that creativity is one of the core skills that we use to make things happen. We all know that creativity is good. Why? Creativity is used to bring ideas, new products, and services to the market place. By providing an environment where creativity flourishes, companies can increase sales, generate new clients, and improve overall company morale.

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Another way to implement workplace initiatives is to make it a point to bring up upcoming issues with your coworkers. Asking your coworkers about upcoming issues that you would like to discuss with them is a great way to show initiative. You can even ask your coworkers to attend a meeting or workshop on the topic of upcoming issues in order for them to voice out their opinion or to make things happen.

The fourth strategy for employers to implement when taking initiative is to make a decision when and what to deal with. We are all experts in our own fields. Therefore, when something that we feel is not working out well is taking place, it is not our responsibility to solve it. Instead, we should find ways to resolve it quickly in order to avoid negative situations in the future.

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