In this short article, I’ll go over Lean Startup and Lean Metrics — and why they are critical when it comes to business growth. I’ll explain the difference between growth marketing and Lean Startup.

Pirate Metrics: The AARRR framework (activation, retention, referrals, sales) — When you combine AARRR with Lean Startup, you get an amazingly powerful combination for business growth. Pirate Metrics is based on a combination of AARRR and Lean Startup principles. The primary difference between the lean startup and pirate metrics is that the lean startup focuses on the start-up process in a holistic manner while pirate metrics focus on the customer factory, i.e the metrics used to run the traction through the business.

Lean Startup: Lean Startup focuses on making the process of building a start-up more robust and the process is everything. If you’re building a product or start-up from scratch, you need to focus on the right things at the right time. A lean startup focuses on making the process of your start-up better with an end result being a product that customers love. A lean startup has been shown to be very effective in creating products, and many companies have succeeded by using it as their foundation for their development.

If you use Lean Startup in conjunction with pirate metrics, you’ll find yourself more easily able to take advantage of the opportunities around a product. If you build the product, but you have too many things to deal with, you can run into difficulties therefore pirate metrics allows you to focus on the most important part and run experiments to learn. If you don’t keep metrics, you can miss opportunities in the creation of growth because you don’t really understand the process well. Lean Startup and Pirate Metrics can make things easy for you.

If you implement lean startup and pirate metrics together, you can find that you can take advantage of the opportunities around a product, in addition to the benefits of both lean startup and pirate metrics. You can use the lean startup to create a product that not only performs better but meets customer needs.