Business model design - Lean canvas

Create Business Models That Work

We Help B2B / B2C Businesses to Derisk Business Models to Create, Capture & Deliver Value Without Wasting Time, Money & Effort

A business model is a way of creating, delivering and capturing value for your company. It has a direct impact on your brand and its core values. In today’s highly competitive environment, every business needs to be agile, innovative and on top of trends. The best way to do that is to start by looking at your business model.

Business model design - Lean canvas

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I look at my business model?”

You’re facing increased competition. Your margins are lower than they used to be. Your customers’ behaviour is changing, but you don’t know how to adapt. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to look at your business model.

Whether you’re looking for one-time workshops or ongoing consulting, we’ve got the solution for you.

Our programs include:

– Business Model Design Workshops

– Consulting Within Your Business

– Value Proposition Workshops

Our programs are designed specifically for your business model and what makes it unique so that you can start getting results from day one.

Program OutcomeWhat does this mean?
Baseline Business ModelTo review and identify areas of development in your business model
Deep Understanding of the Business Model EnvironmentTo understand the environmental factors that are shaping your operating environment
Development of High Growth Business ModelsTo develop business models that will beat the competition, increase customer loyalty and create, deliver and capture value.

We are Official Partners of Leanstack

Leanstack is a leading provider of lean startup, Business modelling tools, JTBD & testing tools that are used by thousands of makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

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Business model design - Lean canvas

Why Complete Business Modelling Work?

Create A Shared Language

This concept can become a shared language that allows you to easily describe and manipulate business models to create new strategic alternatives. Without such a shared language, it is difficult to challenge assumptions about one’s business and innovate successfully systematically.

Simple, Visual and Practical

The exercises are perfect for any good discussion, meeting, or workshop on business model innovation and creating a shared language. We need a concept everybody understands: one that facilitates description and dialogue. We need to start from the same point and talk about the same thing. 

Business model design - Lean canvas

Discover Opportunities

By listing the different parts of your business, you begin to visualise and understand the various relationships between the building blocks that make up your business model.

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Communicate Your Idea Clearly and Concisely

The Business Model Design process aims better to understand the critical drivers of business model success and foster business model innovation via a structured approach.

We seek to improve decision-making in business model innovation processes, facilitating the initiation, creativity, integration, and implementation phase.

Business model design - Lean canvas

Find Value in Your Business Model

A robust business model is a virtual element to business success. But all too often, we fail to adapt, clinging to outdated models that no longer deliver the results we need.

The process of business model design assists companies in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs by comparing them to one another and seeing the bigger picture of their overall business framework.

Business model design - Lean canvas
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Business Model Workshops

The business model workshop process is your key to empowering participants, by using the tested Lean canvas & business model canvas to identify areas of business growth, by following an approach used by the leading organisations.

Workshops are run virtually and in person, allowing you to build a program that suits your situation.

Learn the skills, processes and tools needed for unearthing new value

Business model design - Lean canvas