Budding entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their business journey have chosen Elon Musk as their biggest inspiration for success.

According to a recent survey by Wired magazine, more than half of start-up founders between 15 and 30 years old revealed the Tesla CEO was the person they looked up to the most.

“Steve Jobs is dead, Mark Zuckerberg is tarnished. For the next generation of start-up founders, the contributions of Bill Gates is ancient history,” Arielle Pardes wrote.

Among the reasons to choose Musk as an inspiration, other than his net worth of $264.2 billion (£193.78 billion), is his ethical edge.

The 50-year-old, who was listed at number two on Forbes’ Billionaires of 2021 behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, not only owns a quarter of electric car producer Tesla, but also rocket company SpaceX.

Kenan Saleh, a young entrepreneur who sold his start-up for $500,000 the year he graduated, told the publication: “He’s shown that you can do the best thing for the world and reap the benefits at the same time.”

Among the other businesspeople who were noted as being inspiring were Sam Altman and Patrick Collision, both of whom believe technology is the key to solving global problems.

In addition to making lots of money, entrepreneurs value those who have not sold out on their way to the top.

This includes Seth Goldman, the founder of Honest Tea, as he “has focused his energy on investing and supporting businesses with an ethical mission”, Olav Sorenson, who has taught entrepreneurship at UCLA and Yale, stated.

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