As an entrepreneur, you might not even have the time in your busy life to even think about gardening, never mind finding it appealing. However, it could be a hobby to make you a more effective business leader.

The health benefits of gardening are well documented and include promoting heart health and mental health, ideal conditions that can escape some people who carry the entrepreneurial spirit.

But gardening can teach you the basics of how to be successful in business.


Good Seeds

Your success in gardening will only be as good as the seeds you sew. Use the best seeds, as even with the greenest of thumbs, you will set yourself up to fail with less-than-average seeds. Such as making sure your enterprise attracts only the best talent, a good gardener, like a good entrepreneur will master the art of selecting the best recruits, and help them to grow.


Patience is a Virtue

In business and gardening, success doesn’t happen overnight, and you cannot bear fruit at the snap of your fingers. You need to tend and care for your plants to have them thrive, and be patient. Much as your employees need proper training and support for them to succeed, and your business along with them.


Be Organic

Organic gardening is the way to go, and by eliminating harmful pesticides and GMOs, you help preserve your long term health.

In business, taking time to grow your client base and audience organically means you have taken the time to connect with them and foster a real relationship, which will always help grow your business and ensure its longevity.

Also, it is important to be able to stop, put away work, and engage in something completely different, and getting outside and working in the garden is ideal. You’ll find yourself feeling better, physically and mentally, as well as refreshed and inspired!


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