How Growth Marketing Can Develop Your Business

Ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses hire us to identify their hidden growth opportunities in their digital sales funnel, develop their channels and ensure longterm, sustainable growth.

You know that your business is not growing fast enough and you don’t know how to break free of the constraint of growth, we can help.

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Growth Master certified

As certified Growth masters, having trained under Growthhackers and Leanstack, we help you understand the bottlenecks in your customer factory and develop your channels. Growth is not just a marketing or management job, it’s a business-wide effort that needs to become part of the business culture.

Growth marketing

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Our Growth marketing approach

As Growth experts, we help you to baseline your current position, identify your business weakness, ideate new ideas to break these constraints, experiment and analyse in a data-driven approach.

Growth is not just a one-off activity, it needs to form part of your reporting structures and be performed in a robust manner using proven strategy, tactics and tools.

Packages start from as little as £195 with no long term commitment

What is Growth hacking or Growth marketing?

A growth marketer or hacker is someone who uses imaginative, low-cost methods to help businesses acquire and retain customers. Sometimes growth hackers are also called marketers, but growth hackers are not simply marketers. … They hypothesize, prioritize and test innovative growth strategies.

A growth hacker is someone who is smart, original, and creative. Their primary goal is to execute strategies and tactics to ensure businesses are able to grow right across the customer funnel from acquisition to revenue. They enjoy to growth hack and to find new ways to generate outcomes for the customer.

Our coaches are certified Growth Masters under the framework, based on the work of Sean Ellis, the founder of growth hacking.

Who am I? 

I am Andrew Constable, an MBA qualified Forbes magazine contributor and growth coach working with start-ups and organisations to help them grow using growth marketing and Lean startup methods.

I work with businesses to baseline their current position, help identify constraints in their growth and use data to develop experiments to help to growth hack.

As a certified Growth hacking master from and an official Leanstack coach, I look forward to welcoming working with you and helping your business succeed.

Learn faster with a Growth marketing process

Growth marketing is a robust process for baselining, ideating and experimenting what works and what doesn’t to allow you to learn.

We operate a model of understanding your current growth position, baselining this and defining the metrics that matter to your business. Only then can a high-tempo growth marketing process be implemented.

The high-tempo growth marketing process can be broken down into a repeatable process


Before we start any process, it’s important that we conduct research into understanding 

  •  Your internal research 

  •  Competitor research 

  •  External inspiration 

  •  Customer feedback 

This allows for a solid base to be formed to allow the growth process to thrive.  


By understanding more about your customers and how they interact with your product, you will begin to identify opportunities for growth experiments.

  • Baseline your current position

  • Review your measurement plan

  • Define your objectives that linked to your business strategy 

  • Set your North star metric and the one metric that matters

By analyzing the data, you’ll go into the ideation step of the process armed with the data to create ideas for experimentation. 


Ideas are the leading input for growth. If you don’t have ideas going into the process, there’s a lesser chance your team will make an impact on growth, because there’s less to test and learn.

  • We run both in-person and online growth ideation sessions

  • Generating ideas connected to the target growth lever 

  • Connecting them with your objectives and goals of your business 

  • Generate 100s of ideas

This system is built on selecting the best ideas by nominating as a team which we explore next 


To identify the best ideas for meeting a growth objective, it’s important for the team to assign their ideas with scores so that the team can rank ideas against one another. We use the below framework 

  • Impact: How much of an impact will this idea have if it’s successful?

  • Confidence: How confident are you that this idea will work?

  • Ease: How easy is it to implement this idea?

The rating shouldn’t be based just on conjecture but on empirical evidence which we have identified at an earlier stage. 


In this step of the process, the outputs of the growth meetings are put into motion. This is where ideas should be assigned to different members of the team to move forward. 

  • Create experiments with a clear go/no-go decision 

  • Plan your tests

  • Implement a growth sprint cadence  

  • Set deadlines and review progress 

The process is based on a 360-degree loop that which allows you to continue to learn what worked and what didn’t.  

The Growth process

“Ideas and a robust process are the rocket fuel of growth!”

Sean Ellis, CEO of GrowthHackers

Ready to take control of your growth?

Schedule a call with us. We’ll walk through your constraints and provide advice on how to solve them. If you then still want to know more, we can discuss what working together would look like.

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Growth marketing strategy & funnel assessment

Disentangle your growth possibilities with a deep-dive examination of your current status.

Are you asking yourself any of these questions: How do you grow? Where do you start testing? What’s the first step? Where do you begin? What should I do? Are you ready to grow? Where should you start? Who should be responsible?

The growth assessment will supply you a deep, close and detailed analysis of your current growth marketing strategy (channels, tools, tactics, data structure, tools vetting, structure, financial points) and deliver a growth framework to maximize the results of your next steps.

I worked with Andrew in the same global virtual design sprint project team, tackling the challenge of Pandemic and domestic violence. He made an invaluable contribution. I really got inspired by his dedication and commitment. He thinks logically and clearly – do expect a lot of intelligent questions from him! Creative and definitely an out-of-the-box innovative thinker Andrew earns my highest recommendation be it as an Innovation Consultant or Facilitator.

Rajesh Ragavan, Freelance Designer

Positioning focused growth programs for businesses

Growth is a disciplined process. We need to ensure you have strong foundations, start the growth process and implement focused testing of growth ideas. 







Growth Measurement

Experiment Ideas

Experiment prioritization

Build a growth marketing team

Launch experiments

Introduce lean growth sprints

Adopt your process to track your experiments

Train your team to develop growth practices

Develop cross-functional relationships

Become a growth organisation

Analytics and measurement review

Customer exploration and research

Channels reviews

Social Media Marketing: Making you stand out online

Standing out in the increasingly saturated world is a major challenge for any business. You can find yourself heading down multiple rabbit holes trying to understand how best to get your message across, it is all about knowing how to find, engage and excite your audience.

Therefore, we use a combination of social media marketing and personal growth methods to build up your creditability as a key person of influence in your market.

Social media marketing
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Trained under

Social media content & engagement

We coach you to get your message out using social media marketing and tactics that deliver tangible outcomes using a practice-based approach.

We specialise in growth marketing via the below social media platforms to implement your social media marketing strategy





Social media marketing is similar to any growth process and starts with understanding who your customer is, your message and the value you are trying to convey. We help you develop this understanding, build a content strategy and review with you to experiment in different forms and channels.   

Let’s start with your social media strategy

A high impact strategy is key to repeatable results. We help you to understand who your ideal client is, where they live and your one message you want to promote that leads to a long term result with your social media marketing strategy. 

“Andrew is a true thought-leader in the innovation and start-up space. His ideas, provocations and expertise make him a go-to advisor in my opinion.”

Elvin Turner, author of Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people

Now we use social media tactics

We guide you on how to use certain tactics that are aligned with your growth marketing strategy. This includes areas such as content marketing, social media engagement and methods to promote yourself in the best light possible to reach your target customers using a social media marketing strategy. 

Andrew is very passionate about start-ups and innovation and it comes across very clearly in terms of the work he is doing for his clients. He is always a step ahead and ensures that he brings the best thinking and approach to market both in terms of challenging his own business, but also for start-up businesses he is coaching.

Thomas Poedenphant, Director,

Its time for social media tools

We help you navigate the complicated world of social media marketing by advising on the best tools to obtain your desired outcomes. We accelerate your learning but opening up our digital toolbox to allow you to reach your goals quicker using growth marketing.

Andrew is a coach that can build a product from scratch, with his dedication, commitment and most of all he drives a team with great knowledge. He is a truly reliable coach. I have learnt so much from him, and have used him as a guide throughout my journey. All in all, his passion, dedication and commitment are paying off in his space”.

Ben Simpson, Director, MyWorkwear Ltd & PBS Creative Ltd

Our services have delivered stand-out results for our clients

  • Generating real growth through a structured and insight-driven Growth marketing approach
  • Showcasing your brand across the channels relevant to your audience in a way that will leave a lasting impression.
  • Coaching on growth & social media channels suited to your business
  • 10 x your engagement and accelerate your development as a business.
  • We coach you to avoid the pitfalls that we have fallen into during our journey. 

How we work

  • As growth marketing consultants, we work with a limited amount of customers at the same time. This way we can offer the maximum quality to all clients. When our schedule is full, we do not accept new assignments and we only work with exciting, challenging tasks.
  • We don’t like endless discussions. That is why we always try to start experimenting as quickly as possible. The outcome of fast, small experiments can surpass any discussion because that reflects what the customer wants.
  • Positive outcome = Scaling up. Negative outcome = Learn and move on. Time is your most valuable asset. If an experiment shows that something doesn’t work, you have to learn from it and stop spending time on it. If something turns out to work well, you have to make full use of it.

Andrew is often the coach who is “ahead of the curve” on his knowledge and understanding of innovation best practices and coaching methods and is the one I often look to for advice on my own practices. Of all the coaches in our mastermind, I would most highly recommend Andrew for clients and companies looking to speed up and improve their startup/innovation efforts.

James Rector , Director, Untapped

Who’s it for?

Startups: Needing to grow there business and get there message out into the market using a social media marketing program

Coaches & Consultants: Looking to raise there own personal brand online

SME’s: Looking to manage its growth process better to develop more profitable customers

Corporate Growth Teams: running high-tempo testing experiments across the whole customer funnel.

Innovation Teams: in the search for new products, new lines of business, new moonshot projects.

Andrew is an astute, resilient and driven professional. With his strong consultancy skills directed towards innovation and knowledge sharing, he has the ability to turn management theory into practice. Andrew has developed into a consulting professional and I would recommend him to any organisation, especially when looking at his use of creative and analytical skills to develop products and teams.

Dr Ankur Kumar , The Priory Group

Lets growth market your business

Ready to grow your business with growth marketing and data-driven experiments?


We aim to make our pricing as transparent as possible and can provide further information if required. We operate a coaching model, which is on a more personal level and aims to build up long-standing partnerships with our clients.

We aim to develop your growth in a much more manageable and progressive manner.


£ 225 Per Session
  • Growth Marketing or Social Media Coaching
  • 1:1 sessions focused on developing your growth marketing needs.
  • 1 x 60 minute session


£ 395 monthly
  • Growth Marketing or Social Media Coaching
  • Ongoing business hours support, review and advice.
  • 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions


£ Request Project based
  • Growth Marketing Projects
  • Focused on businesses that have Product – market fit
  • Project based pricing

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Whether you need advice on your growth marketing strategy, how you can better develop a social media marketing strategy or how to develop a growth marketing team, we have you covered.

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