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Ambitious Startups, Scale-up & established organisations hire us to identify their hidden growth opportunities in their digital sales funnel, develop their channels and ensure long-term, sustainable growth.

You know that your business is not growing fast enough, and you don’t know how to break free of the constraint of growth; we can help.

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business coach - Forbes - startups

Heap Analytics is a product analytics platform that helps growing businesses that are trying to predict the future: What products should we build? What markets should we enter? How do we provide great customer service? Product analytics allows you to understand this, to stop acting on opinion and focus on data-driven growth methods.

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Product-Market Fit Is Crucial But Don’t Forget About What Should Come First

This article in Forbes magazine, written by Andrew Constable MBA outlines this approach.

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business coach - Forbes - startups
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This scorecard has been designed to show entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses their blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps to improve.

In 2 minutes or under, it’ll provide you with a free, tailored and insightful report with feedback, including development strategies designed for where you are now and where you need to work on.

Results are unique to you and are delivered directly to you once you complete the scorecard.

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This analysis is perfect for you if you’re at the start of your startup journey and are looking for the next steps.

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In Changing Markets, Growth is Difficult.

To win with customers, you need to adjust and innovate faster than ever.

You’ve probably heard the success stories behind companies like Dropbox, WhatsApp, Clubhouse. You might be thinking the success is because these companies are young silicon valley tech companies.

But did you know they have something else in common? Something that can be replicated and scaled in any business, in any industry. This is a culture of experimentation, an obsession for customers and a mindset for data-driven growth.

business coach - Forbes - startups

Accelerating Your Growth

We work with businesses of all sizes to develop products, gain traction with their offerings, and identify constraints within their current growth engine.

We specialise in using Lean startup & data-driven growth methods to accelerate the product growth process. We implement Heap product metrics within your solution, so you have a good understanding of how your customers interact with your product, which is the starting point for developing an effective growth engine. 

As official partners of Leanstack, Heap Analytics, Gtmhub, & Forth Innovation method, we are well placed to accelerate your journey to success and growth.

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Andrew Constable MBA

In the Modern World, Rapid Growth and Successful Innovation Mean Rapid Experimentation Using Data. 

Building and growing a product requires skills across various disciplines: product development, product analytics, experimentation, user research, marketing, market understanding.

Only by diving into data will you understand what increases aspects such as customer acquisition and retention etc. This full granularity allows you to build features that reduce friction in your product and target customers more likely to convert. 

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The Journey to Product-Market Fit – The First Milestone

All products must achieve product-market fit; otherwise, all growth efforts will be wasted. A big mistake we see a lot is startups and companies spending £1000s on paid ads etc., without having a product that has achieved this condition. 

But what is Product-Market Fit? It describes the degree to which a company has aligned its product offerings to its audiences’ needs and built a business model that monetizes that relationship. PMF is not a static condition. It’s best thought of as the iterative process of adapting to customer needs as they evolve.

Any growth process starts with understanding if the product has achieved this, and strategies are put in place to allow this condition to be met for any growth process. 

How can we Help Your Company With Product-Market Fit?

Our systems give companies an easy way to capture data that provides complete and predictive insight. Measuring everything tells you more than what features different groups of people like. You can dig deeper into what each cohort did before and after using those features and which attributes or behaviours best correlate with the use of specific features.

“The only thing that matters is getting to product/market fit.”

Rachleff Corollary, of Startup Success
business coach - Forbes - startups

I worked with Andrew in the same global virtual design sprint project team, tackling the challenge of Pandemic and domestic violence. He made an invaluable contribution. I really got inspired by his dedication and commitment. He thinks logically and clearly – do expect a lot of intelligent questions from him! Creative and definitely an out-of-the-box innovative thinker Andrew earns my highest recommendation be it as an Innovation Consultant or Facilitator.

Rajesh Ragavan, Freelance Designer

Learn faster with a Data-Driven Growth Marketing Process

Growth marketing is a robust process for baselining, ideating and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t allow you to grow.

We operate a model of understanding your current growth position, baselining this and defining the product metrics that matter to your business. Only then can a high-tempo growth marketing process be implemented using data and experimentation. 

The high-tempo growth marketing process is broken down into repeatable steps used by some of the worlds’ fastest-growing companies. 

Below is the end to end process used, of course not all businesses will need to follow this process and we bespoke our proposal based on your specific requirements. 


Before we start any process, it’s important that we conduct research into understanding 

  •  Your internal research 

  •  Competitor research 

  •  External inspiration 

  •  Customer feedback 

This allows for a solid base to be formed to allow the growth process to thrive.  


By understanding more about your customers and how they interact with your product, you will begin to identify opportunities for growth experiments.

  • Baseline your current position

  • Review your measurement plan

  • Define your objectives that linked to your business strategy 

  • Set your North star metric and the one metric that matters

By analyzing the data, you’ll go into the ideation step of the process armed with the data to create ideas for experimentation. 


Ideas are the leading input for growth. If you don’t have ideas going into the process, there’s a lesser chance your team will make an impact on growth, because there’s less to test and learn.

  • We run both in-person and online growth ideation sessions

  • Generating ideas connected to the target growth lever 

  • Connecting them with your objectives and goals of your business 

  • Generate 100s of ideas

This system is built on selecting the best ideas by nominating as a team which we explore next 


To identify the best ideas for meeting a growth objective, it’s important for the team to assign their ideas with scores so that the team can rank ideas against one another. We use the below framework 

  • Impact: How much of an impact will this idea have if it’s successful?

  • Confidence: How confident are you that this idea will work?

  • Ease: How easy is it to implement this idea?

The rating shouldn’t be based just on conjecture but on empirical evidence which we have identified at an earlier stage. 


In this step of the process, the outputs of the growth meetings are put into motion. This is where ideas should be assigned to different members of the team to move forward. 

  • Create experiments with a clear go/no-go decision 

  • Plan your tests

  • Implement a growth sprint cadence  

  • Set deadlines and review progress 

The process is based on a 360-degree loop that which allows you to continue to learn what worked and what didn’t.  

business coach - Forbes - startups

“Ideas and a robust process are the rocket fuel of growth!”

Sean Ellis, CEO of GrowthHackers

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Schedule a call with us. We’ll walk through your constraints and provide advice on how to solve them. If you then still want to know more, we can discuss what working together would look like.

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We aim to make our pricing as transparent as possible and can provide further information if required. We operate a coaching model and aim to build up long-standing partnerships with our clients. 

We can also build proposals based on specific project work, and should you have this request, please contact us. 


  • It helps you get unstuck by guiding your next steps
  • Acts as a sounding board for your growth strategy 
  • Coaching by a qualified and experienced growth professional 


  • Two coaching session every month.
  • The monthly cadence allows for reviews/refinement on your learnings from campaigns and sprints from the previous month.
  • In between sessions, your coach will be available to answer questions, review your assets, or learn from experiments and help get you unstuck.


  • Bespoke sessions designed to your needs
  • This cadence allows for more in-depth reviews/refinement on your learnings from campaigns, sprints, and experiments.
  • In between sessions, your coach will be available to answer questions, review your assets, or learn from experiments and help get you unstuck.
  • This is the most hands-on of the three, and focused on your bespoke needs.


£145 + VAT - Per Session
  • Growth Marketing Coaching
  • 1:1 sessions focused on developing your growth marketing needs.
  • 1 x 60 minute session
  • Session recording available


£270+ VAT - Monthly
  • Growth Marketing Coaching
  • Ongoing business hours support, review and advice.
  • 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Includes a install of Heap Analytics


£ Request Project based
  • Growth Marketing Projects
  • Focused on businesses that have Product – market fit
  • Project based pricing
  • Includes a install of Heap Analytics

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