Well, focus on your customers. “Jobs To Be Done?”

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The jobs to be done (JTBD) method is a simple way of understanding your customers, what they want, and why they leave.

JTBD helps you figure out what people want from your business, not just in broad strokes like “a better product” or “the best customer service,” but in the specific language of your customers.

Customers can be a mystery. Despite the availability of more data than ever before, everyone, from the CEO to salespeople in the field, still finds it challenging to understand who their customers are, why they act as they do, and what they want.

So instead of investing in the following data platform, start with small data and interview customers or hire someone to do it (Like us!)

Tips for startups / small businesses to uncover the who, what, why & how when interviewing customers.

1. What circumstance is the customer when using your product/situation?

2. What “Jobs” is the customer trying to get done in that circumstance

3. What is the customer “hiring today” to get those jobs done and why?

4. What could be done better with these /your solution

I recommend the book “The secret lives of customers” by David Duncan from which these questions have come from.

JTBD has been a fantastic approach to business, whether big or small. It helps solve many problems in terms of understanding how consumers make decisions and their pains.

So, if the business owners want to understand their customers better, the first step would be to apply the ideas of JTBD and thereby get more successful results.

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