Learning how to deliver a great presentation starts with selecting the right venue. Whether you’re at an event, at home, or at your office, you must first choose the right venue. Do you want the attention of the entire audience? Or would you rather keep your audience’s attention focused on you and your specific presentation?

In the corporate world, it’s often difficult to balance attention with focus. Presentations can be a great way to both garner attention and retain that focus. However, if your presentation requires more than 15 minutes of speaking time, you need to make sure your setting and company props can accommodate your presentation.

Are you presenting to a roomful of business partners, potential customers, or potential clients? Your presentation style needs to be appropriate for the type of audience you’re speaking to. Presentations focusing on the technical aspects of a product or service may not be well suited to a group of business associates. Likewise, a presentation centred on sales techniques or marketing tips may not be as effective as one that addresses the personal concerns and goals of the audience.

Your own personality should also be reflected in how you present. For example, entrepreneurs who are more nervous or tense may tend to speak slower and with a heightened sense of caution. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who are full of confidence and humour can often speak at a faster pace and be less likely to pause or break their speech. Be true to your own personality as you consider how to deliver a great presentation.

Consider the audience you will be speaking to before making your booking. While you might have an incredible product or service, not everyone will be receptive to your methods. This is why it is important to know the expected audience of your presentation. Choose accordingly when you make your booking and be prepared for any obstacles that might be a problem since you never know who might show up for your presentation.

Knowing how to deliver a great presentation starts with choosing the right venue. Check with your local chamber of commerce if you are required to speak before a legislative agency or committee. Many cities and chambers require a certain number of people to attend such sessions. You may also want to consider the room where your presentation is to take place. If you’re going to be giving a live demonstration, such as on a computer screen, ensure that the room is large enough for the number of people expected to turn up at your presentation.

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