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Jobs-To-Be-Done: Why Customers Make Choices

Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) is a method that helps you understand why and how people obtain the products they do. We have found that if you know the JTBD you significantly improve the likelihood of connecting your product with the right customer at the right time.

The JTBD basis is that people don’t purchase products; they hire them to do a job. Features and benefits themselves don’t cause people to buy.

They’re part of it, but they’re not the causal reason. You need to be able to understand what causes people to hire or fire your product. The JTBD framework helps us understand causality and what drives customers to buy.

Understand the Causal Forces That Drive Customer Behavior

business coach - Forbes - startups

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What is The Exact Job You Are Hiring a Milkshake For?

Most companies segment their markets by customer demographics or product characteristics and differentiate their offerings by adding features and functions.

There is a better way.

Unearth the Struggling Moments

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What is Their Struggle?

Determining where people are looking to make progress is the key to innovation. You have to find that struggle, where there’s a push towards the future, where there’s a pull from the past. What is holding them back, and the desired outcomes they want to achieve.

If we can show customers a better way, more people are going to want it.

Jobs to be done

The basis of a job is defined by evaluating two frameworks, as customers are looking to make progress.

Demand Generation

What are the forces that will shape demand in the future? What’s next? What is not today but could be tomorrow? Where and how is the demand created?

Hiring Criteria

How the shopper sells themselves on a new idea. What are the criteria for hiring to solve that problem or that job?

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business coach - Forbes - startups

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Interview Recent Switchers

Interviewing recent switchers who express the boundaries of the market helps us estimate where the market is going and why. We identify the junction of the hiring criteria and demand frameworks by listening to people who have recently changed not about what they bought but instead why they bought.

By learning what forces operate on a customer when they choose, we recognize the mechanisms of value beyond the product and help them make more progress than what they are choosing today.

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Find the Product Value

By determining the mechanisms of value beyond product, we understand how they find, hire, use, and use new products. This enables teams to be more creative, suggesting solutions to help customers achieve jobs in new ways that are much better than current options.

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Jobs-To-Be-Done Workshop

Uncover Big Problems Worth Solving

Map insights from customer interviews to understand the causal forces that drive customer behaviour.

Too many organizations throw their half-baked solutions over the fence at customers. But when customers encounter a half-baked product, they don’t turn into early adopters or testers; they leave.

We have to level up our game and start with better products.
We aid you in understanding what events push, pull, trigger etc the customer to buy products, allowing you to build something somebody wants.

Workshops are run virtually and in person, allowing you to build a program that suits your situation.

Learn the skills, processes and tools needed for unearthing customer struggles

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