The core difference between a Lean startup and utilizing a traditional approach is that entrepreneurs no longer need to ask, can this concept be implemented?

Lean Startup is all about building a team of highly motivated and dedicated entrepreneurs who are willing to try new things, validate that the new concept, and then build a product to solve a problem or help someone else who might have a problem.

These are truly a rare breed of leaders who do not have the easy go of living a life of mediocrity. They are bold, committed, relentless, innovative and willing to accept (and even champion) experimentation to achieve the results they desire. In addition, these are true grit leaders who understand that the most important characteristic of an entrepreneur is their ability to think fast and get things done.

Lean Startup is all about growth. Lean startup growth in this case does not entail the fear of becoming a victim to the status quo (which is just another way of saying, we cannot do it! ), but instead, it’s about trying something new and creating growth from it. Most Lean principles deal heavily with creating new growth by applying the four principles of lean manufacturing — elimination of waste, improvement of quality, concentration and mobility — to the flow of manufacturing activity. By creating and then realizing customer value, Lean Growth consistently finds ways to make more efficient use of the existing resources while removing non-value-added parts of the process and producing a lean process result.

There is a fantastic amount of information on the Lean Startup Process that is freely available on the internet and in books. To gain the most from the knowledge and understand the concepts of Lean, it is best to join a training program that guides you step by step through the entire Lean startup process and helps you to develop a truly lean mindset. That way, when you really start building your business, you’ll have lean management techniques ready to leverage your time and efforts as they pertain to the execution of Lean principles.

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