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Ideate And Deliver With The Sprintbase Design Thinking Process

The Sprintbase process is your key to actively guiding teams through every step of a design thinking process, so you can tackle all kinds of business and social challenges, by focusing on the right actions at the right time.

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Program OutcomesWhat does this mean?
Clear Process Equipping you with everything you need to run high-impact Design thinking projects, right out of the box
Impact on the BusinessGiving you a means of demonstrating measurable impact for your business
Focus on OutcomesKeeping your project in the spotlight using the platform
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Sprintbase Is Helping Teams Tackle Challenges, Embed Design Thinking Skills, Drive Transformation And Build Innovation Capability At Scale

This design thinking online platform seamlessly leads teams through the innovation process with built-in tools and direction to create new solutions and mobilize change. Remote teams collaborate from anywhere to tackle challenges, develop products, and create meaningful impact.

Sprintbase is an essential tool to help organizations of any size drive continuous innovation and build design thinking capability at scale.

“Sprintbase really is the gold standard for better remotely-generated solutions via design thinking”
Michael Netzley, PHD, IMD Business School
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Overcome Barriers To Innovation


Sprintbase projects don’t need to be full-time (in fact, they rarely are). They run in parallel with people’s day jobs for as little as one week or up to multiple months.


Teams are guided through each step of the process and engage with real people. They are given the right tools at the right time and are auto notified whenever action is required.


People from across functions, offices and geographies collaborate in virtual workspaces – diminishing the impact of silos and creating positive network effects

Better Solutions, Faster With Design Thinking

The need to rapidly innovate has never been greater but getting to implementable solutions with remote teams can be challenging. We help organizations take their innovation efforts online and systematically solve unexpected challenges with proven, ready-to-run project and workshop experiences grounded in the principles of human-centred design.

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Built-In Tools And Guidance

Supported by built-in expert guidance every step of the way, teams effectively explore more opportunities and build lasting innovation skills.

Every Sprintbase user receives access to the tools library of 50 + methods, instructions and templates to help them think differently and achieve better results in their innovation sprints and in day-to-day work.

What Does The Sprintbase Process Look Like?

Collaborate with purpose

Intuitive collaborative workspaces for capturing, sharing and sorting your team’s research, insights, ideas and prototypes.

Build your skills

Step by step method guides, innovation tools and workflow automation to keep teams moving in the right direction.

Use the right tools

Interactive multimedia templates, frameworks and design thinking tools to support a complete innovation process.

Get outside the box

Sprintbase is mobile-enabled so your team can work anywhere on any device.