Developing Startups to Succeed Via The Lean Startup Approach

We provide pre-and-early stage startups with 1:1 coaching, tools, and content using the Lean startup approach. 

How many startups fail? 8/10 within two years, we can help.

The Lean startup approach is an innovation methodology for creating influential, sustainable startups by combining three critical concepts: High Impact Coaching, High Impact Validation and High Impact Growth.

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Working in partnership with

We help startups systematically find growth using the tools and methods of New York times bestseller Ash Maurya of Leanstack, one of the Lean startup pioneers.

Some people have always dreamed of running their own business. Others get inspired by their product or service and discover the world of startups almost accidentally. And others believe a startup is simply a more flexible alternative to a traditional job.

Packages start from as little as £195 with no long term commitment

There is no right or wrong answer, and all of these drivers (and more) can lead to the creation of successful startups.

We thoroughly enjoy helping people take their first steps – or their 1,000th step – along the path to running their own successful business.

With over 10 years’ experience in coaching teams, we are well placed to help scope your business idea, to help you launch faster and with less risk, or to help your existing business to flourish.

Nice to meet you

I am an MBA qualified Forbes magazine contributor and coach working with start-ups and organisations to gain traction with their product or digital solution.

I work with entrepreneurs & businesses to avoid the high failure rate that product teams experience, coaching them through the initial stages to increase their chance of success.

As a Leanstack & Lean startup coach, I look forward to welcoming you to the program and helping you succeed

Andrew Constable MBA

“Andy is a great experienced innovator himself and has the unique soft skills to be an excellent coach and certified innovation facilitator of the FORTH innovation methodology too. I can recommend him strongly.”

Gijs Van Wulfen, author of The Innovation Expedition & founder of the FORTH innovation method

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We focus on you

Our programs are tailored to your needs (which we will establish before the meeting so that we can hit the ground running), whether you are wanting to discover your dream business idea, to start a business you have in mind or test a new product, we will work together to create a bespoke, practical action plan to get you moving in the right direction. We are happy to work with you on your business.

Our professional experience combines both practice and theory, balancing the needs of our clients.

Ready to take control of your startup?

Schedule a call with us. We’ll walk through your constraints and provide advice on how to solve them. If you then still want to know more, we can discuss what working together would look like.

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“Andrew is a true thought-leader in the innovation and start-up space. His ideas, provocations and expertise make him a go-to advisor in my opinion.”

Elvin Turner, author of Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people

So what is the 3 pillars approach

We work with pre-and-early stage startups to gain early traction with their product or service.

High Impact Coaching – Lean Startup

  • Using Lean startup as our base, we help you identify the riskiest assumptions to mitigate the stages of being a startup.
  • By using our tailored 3 pillars approach startup program and the Leanstack online platform, we help entrepreneurs achieve product-market fit in two years
  • A Leanstack Coach guides you to build products that sell and solve real customer problems.
    Gain clarity with your startup idea without wasting time, effort & money
  • We take you through the three stages of startups our using a proven coaching approach
  • We develop a plan that works & avoids the startup pitfalls
  • We provide access to the Leanstack platform, the leading platform for Lean startup

We combine 1:1 business coaching, curriculum and tools to help you grow in an effective manner.

“Andrew is a coach that can build a product from scratch, with his dedication, commitment and most of all he drives a team with great knowledge. He is a truly reliable coach. I have learnt so much from him, and have used him as a guide throughout my journey. All in all, his passion, dedication and commitment are paying off in his space”.

Ben Simpson , Director, MyWorkwear Ltd & PBS Creative Ltd

High Impact Validation – Pretotyping

  • We take the guesswork out of your product ideas. We guide you on how to run experiments to test and validate your ideas and invest in projects you know will work using Pretotyping methods.
  • Delivers true products customers want
  • Derisks startups early in the process
  • Increases experiment acceleration & progress
  • Allows you to test your startup ideas quickly & cheaply
  • We use processes and frameworks to reduce friction and increase rapid learning opportunities for the entrepreneur.

Get the information you need to make decisions based on evidence – rather than opinion and guesswork

Download the FREE checklist of Validation methods below.

High Impact Growth – Growth Marketing

  • The social media space is crowded and unless you know the correct channels, you will find your message having little impact. We guide you to accelerate your presence using a 5 step practical framework to make a real impact using Growth marketing.
  • Generating real growth through a structured and insight-driven approach
  • Showcasing your personal brand across the channels relevant to your audience in a way that will leave a lasting impression.
  • Coaching on social media channels suited to your business
  • Using our 5 stage personal branding process to deliver the results you desire as a key person of influence.
  • 10 x your engagement and accelerate your development as an entrepreneur.
  • We coach you to avoid the pitfalls that we have fallen into during our journey.

Start getting noticed and grow in an accelerated manner

Andrew is a leader who is willing to listen, engages widely (avid reader, stakeholders) and takes a critical approach (theory and practical experience) to problem-solving. In my experience, he is a great communicator who is able to engage and build interest in stakeholders. Andrew is also very resilient and has the awareness and ability to manage his own mindfulness and well-being during personal and professional challenges so he delivers objectives.

Kevin Campbell MBA, BT Plc
Lean startup coaching - Leanstack

What makes our program different from the rest?

  • Our 3 pillars approach – Coaching + Validation + Marketing
  • Developing business plans using a smart approach
  • Clarifying your business/brand identity/brand messaging
  • Testing and refining your new business concept
  • Building your new business concept
  • Operational hacks – how to launch faster, cheaper, with less risk
  • Taking you from idea to scale
  • Full mentoring/support
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Entrepreneurship is like a martial art

The coaching framework was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs through thousands of hours of testing.

Entrepreneurship is like a martial art. You can’t simply read or teach it, you have to live it. We practice what we teach and the more we coach, the more we learn and share, the better results everyone gets.

Andrew is often the coach who is “ahead of the curve” on his knowledge and understanding of innovation best practices and coaching methods and is the one I often look to for advice on my own practices. Of all the coaches in our mastermind, I would most highly recommend Andrew for clients and companies looking to speed up and improve their startup/innovation efforts.

James Rector , Director, Untapped

We provide a world-class startup coaching platform

We provide world-class Lean startup tools, content, and coaching resources that help early-stage startups systematically find growth.

We have curated the best approaches, methodologies, tactics, and tools into a framework that help you focus on the right actions at the right time.

Andrew is an astute, resilient and driven professional. With his strong consultancy skills directed towards innovation and knowledge sharing, he has the ability to turn management theory into practice. Andrew has developed into a consulting professional and I would recommend him to any organisation, especially when looking at his use of creative and analytical skills to develop products and teams.

Dr Ankur Kumar , The Priory Group

Right action, at the right time

The coaching playbooks are delivered over an online platform to allow you to focus on the right action, at the right time. We combine these coaching resources with the best practices in idea validation and growth marketing in a bespoke program.


We aim to make our pricing as transparent as possible and can provide further information if required. We operate a coaching model, which is on a more personal level and aims to build up long-standing partnerships with our clients.

All monthly packages include access to the relevant Leanstack playbook


£185 Per session
  • Lean start-up coaching
  • 1:1 sessions
  • Build accountability and progress
  • 1 x 90 minute session
  • Coaching by LEANSTACK Certified Coach


£ 395 Monthly
  • Up to 7 team members
  • All Platform Tools
  • Battle-Tested Playbooks
  • Monthly Coaching Session
  • Coaching by LEANSTACK Certified Coach


£ 750 Monthly
  • Up to 7 team members
  • All Platform Tools
  • Battle-Tested Playbooks
  • Bi-weekly Coaching
  • Coaching by LEANSTACK Certified Coach

There are no Silver Bullets

No methodology or process can guarantee success. Anyone that promises you that is selling you snake oil. Good ideas are rare and hard to find, and you have to search for them. Time is your scarcest resource and the key metric we optimize for in this program i.e. speed of learning per unit time.

We help you go from idea to a business model that works (with traction) in under 10 weeks.

That is the promise of Visualise Solutions

Let’s talk to start your journey

Whether you need advice on your business idea, create a new product from scratch, drastically improve a product, we have you covered.

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