Are you searching for innovative ways to differentiate your enterprise from the rest and prevent competing on price with your competitors? In this article, we will discuss six crucial path-breaking strategies to help you do exactly that. Specifically, we’ll discuss the six critical path-breaking strategies to help you differentiate your company from the crowd. In addition, we’ll examine complementary market segments, how to connect with the people who are already thinking about doing business with you, how to position your firm or corporation in a new market segment, and finally, how to build organizational capital to attract new customers and build market share. After reading this article, you should have a solid foundation on which to build your competitive advantage and stay ahead of your competition.

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The first strategy six paths of the blue ocean strategy revolve around being unique and providing a superior product or service. Within this concept, there are six separate but interconnected elements. These include: having a distinctive culture, being able to deliver superior solutions, having a system of management, creating an environment where creativity runs free, and last but not least, having an entrepreneurial mindset that promotes innovation. By using the concept of being unique and different, you will position your company or organization in a niche market that may not be served by its competitors. Furthermore, being able to deliver superior solutions and/or products will position your organization at the forefront of what it takes to be successful in the marketplace.


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The second strategy is centred around the concept of being able to deliver superior solutions across multiple vertical markets. In the global marketplace today there are countless vertical markets and industries in which a company can operate. In order to be successful and remain relevant in each of these industries, you need a diverse set of skills. To help with this process, it is helpful to look into the concept of being able to deliver services across complementary products and services.


The third strategy is centred around the idea of being able to introduce innovative new products and services while simultaneously introducing innovative new management processes. There are many challenges that face organizations today in the realm of innovation and becoming relevant. However, if you have the capability of developing an R&D centre focused on innovation in your industry, you will find that your ability to be innovated will be nearly impossible without access to a comprehensive and diversified set of complementary offerings. Additionally, this will provide your organization with an inexpensive means of obtaining new innovations.


The fourth blue ocean strategy focuses on your organization becoming agile and flexible. If you take a look at what has happened within the last decade there has been quite a dramatic transformation within the executive landscape. Many companies within their industry have gone from being very conservative with their strategies and processes, to become much more flexible and creative. As a result, many organizations have found themselves in situations where they are being forced to adapt and overcome obstacles that were previously associated with their businesses. In the case of the manufacturing industry, this often translated into moving factories out of the country or to a different area of the world altogether. However, by implementing the right kind of executive education offerings your company can avoid some of these problems and therefore become more nimble in its growth efforts.


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Finally, the fifth and final reflection question associated with the Blue Ocean Strategy relates to the idea of becoming global. While many industries are now global in terms of their business models, many are not. If you are a company that wants to really go global, it is important that you explore options across time zones, as well as the different markets that exist in various countries throughout the world. By exploring avenues such as these, you will find that your ability to succeed in today’s marketplace is indeed quite global.

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