Building a new mobile app/app/ui/website/portal/websites takes time, and many small businesses struggle even to get their feet wet in the first place. So often, look for some shortcuts or “secret” that won’t take them long to implement – often, these shortcuts or “secrets” can often be harmful! The problem with shortcuts is that they often rely on user testers or companies that are not focused on building an actual app – they’re more interested in fast implementation with minimal cost. The problem with using these shortcuts is two-fold:

How do we define Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? What is it? The definition of” Minimum Viable Product” can be used for several things, but we’ll keep it simple for now. Minimum Viable Product is something that can be launched in a market with no need to iterate further or change the product – it can exist in its present form to gain feedback from your potential customers. 

As the creator of a business idea/product, it’s essential that we can define/measure our effect in our mind before spending money on a development environment. We want to measure our idea’s viability as a standalone solution to market problems without adapting to a particular development environment. We want to gauge whether this business idea/product matches the market needs in the marketplace. When we’ve measured everything, we can determine whether we should invest in a development environment and move forward with sprints toward a final product.

One great approach is Lean Startup. There are several benefits to a Lean Startup approach: We have a much smaller set of development resources. Therefore, the cost of setting up a Lean Startup infrastructure is reduced, and we can rapidly test new ideas without the high cost. Although as a startup, we need to ensure that we complete the stages before an MVP to have the correct information to inform our feature set for the MVP. 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – Lean Startup Coach / Leanstack Coach

An MVP is an excellent way of getting your message across to potential users & customers. Ensure that you have completed your customer discovery steps to use insights to drive decisions. This article discusses this in more detail. 

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