In line with my consulting work for several scaling startups in Entrepreneurship, I often asked what is entrepreneurship and how can we define it. In my opinion, Entrepreneurship is a continuous process of coming up with new ideas, products or services, testing them in the market and eventually realizing that they will be successful. Starting a company, however, is merely the first part of the process. What then is the next stage of entrepreneurship?

For starters, I believe that there are two models for entrepreneurship. Startups generally model entrepreneurship, but investors also view businesses as being model. I recommend to entrepreneurs that they consider starting using Leanstack methods. Leanstack is a concept based on the results obtained by Lean manufacturing principles, which emphasize speed, quality and accountability in every aspect of the manufacturing process. This principle drives startups to adopt validated learning.

Validating learning is the core of any successful new business. As an entrepreneur, I believe that the best way for you to validate learning is to talk to your peers and importantly, customers. Startups need advice from their peers, as well as from the coaches who know the subject. They also need to speak with real customers as unless they are speaking to the people who are their target, they will not know if their product is wanted. 

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