We all know how important advertising and marketing is for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and at all stages of existence – but it’s particularly important for startups that are trying to get their foot in the door and make a name for themselves in their particular industry niche.

Customer acquisition is, of course, essential for business success, but what’s even more successful is customer retention and this concept is what lies at the heart of a growth marketing strategy, a strategy that could well be the right one for entrepreneurs to adopt if they’re keen to grow their business in the future.

The key is to really engage with your customers, using data analysis to come up with ways of achieving this with a view to retaining as many clients as possible, building up a sincere and loyal following as you go. After all, if someone really values your brand, they will do your marketing on your behalf.

It’s all about carrying out quickfire experiments with different marketing tactics and strategies to convert leads and generate sales, with the idea being to try these different processes out and either accept them as a working concept or rule them out altogether, moving onto the next. The only long-term goal you should have in mind is, you guessed it… growth!

Growth hacking strategies can be anything and everything, focusing on SEO and content marketing, brand incentives, social media platforms, discounts, user-generated content… it all just depends on what works for you and your brand, and what your target market responds to.

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