Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of the social networking website, Facebook. As a young entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg clearly understood that building a team of highly skilled and motivated employees was key to achieving tremendous success.

He understood that by fostering open communication and interaction at work, the productivity of the team would increase, as well as the overall results of the company. This also drove the innovation capability of Facebook as with most startups, innovation and growth go hand in hand.

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Here are six areas where Mark Zuckerberg is a great entrepreneur and how we can learn from them.

  1. A Unique Vision — In every endeavour of any great entrepreneur, there must be a vision. This includes their careers, as well as their businesses. For Mark Zuckerberg, his vision was to create a website that would allow people from all around the world to be connected on the Internet. As he started to build the site, he knew that this would require him to take risks in hiring people who would help him build the site and bring it to its successful launch state. Also, he knew that he needed to embrace criticism, as only through criticism can a company grow and become profitable.
  2. RiskTaker — Any entrepreneur should understand that risk-taking ability is necessary to succeed in life. This is a quality that cannot be learned, but rather requires someone to truly understand what they want out of life and how to get it. Mark Zuckerberg clearly understood the need for risk-taking ability, as he pursued both an MBA degree and an entrepreneurship degree from Harvard, but dropping out before graduating to focus on Facebook. As a result, he has not only been able to achieve great business success, but he has also managed to give back to the community as a result of his philanthropic efforts.
  3. Networking — It is impossible to be successful in business without networking. You simply can’t do business without it. Mark Zuckerberg clearly understood this when he said that he needed to network because the key to his success was to meet people with whom he could build relationships. Besides, Mark Zuckerberg needed to network because of the importance of social media. He needed to establish a reputation as an entrepreneur to be taken seriously by the business community.
  4. Persistence To keep going — Most entrepreneurs give up on business before they see any type of financial success. Mark Zuckerberg clearly understood that he had to persevere because, to become one of the best, he had to stay at it. There are no shortcuts, and they’re certainly aren’t any magic formulas that can produce incredible results. However, if you are willing to be persistent, there is certainly room to achieve tremendous business success.
  5. Leadership — The fact that Mark Zuckerberg is both a brilliant programmer and extremely well-intentioned business owner speaks to the fact that he possesses certain characteristics that make him a great entrepreneur. Additionally, the fact that he has leadership skills makes him a great leader. Leaders can motivate their employees and help them develop and grow to achieve maximum results. This is certainly the case with Zuckerberg, who has shown great leadership capabilities throughout his time as a business entrepreneur.
  6. Passion — This is perhaps the most important quality that Mark Zuckerberg possesses, and perhaps the only thing that separates him from all the other great entrepreneurs. Passion is evident in all of the things that Mark Zuckerberg has done with his business. He started with a small business, and from there has gone through the difficult process of developing a very large company. In addition to his companies’ growth, he has also been responsible for the development of many different technology platforms. If you truly want to become a great entrepreneur, you must possess a great passion for business. There is no way around it.

Mark Zuckerberg also demonstrated that an important aspect of startups is testing their ideas using the lean startup process. He started in one university and then expanded, which shows a growth marketing mindset and is a key factor in entrepreneurship.

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