Elon Musk is a business magnate, industrial designer and engineer. He is the founder, CEO, CTO and chief designer of SpaceX; early investor, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc and yes he is the worlds richest person. He has characteristics of his personality that we can learn from and this article discusses some of them. He is not a stranger to challenges.

He has beaten himself up and learned from his own mistakes.

Most entrepreneurs are relentless learners, especially in the growing startup scene. While most successful personalities have a strong personality trait of positive self-confidence, Musk displays resilience. This characteristic is what separates him from the rest of the pack — his constant learning process of breaking through obstacles, learning from failures and learning from successful people around him.

Reflected in your values, work ethic, perseverance and humility.

These are personality traits that are not only admired by you but also make you a better leader for the same reason — because they inspire you to become an excellent leader. Modelling your behaviour after Musk is also a good idea, as this will help you create success in your startups because you have the motivation and respect of someone who succeeded in life. Modelling success is one of the best ways to gain motivation and self-confidence.

Strong Risk Tolerance

Modelling a strong risk tolerance is an important way to learn from success. Modelling yourself and keeping an open mind about new possibilities allows you to accept risks, learn from failures and take chances. This is a very useful personality trait to have and one that will make you succeed long-term. It helps you to take calculated risks and not be afraid of them. A strong risk-tolerance can overcome setbacks and can even turn them into learning experiences.

startups risk

Strong Learning Attitude

Learning is a process of self-discovery and learning is a constant process. Being able to learn quickly and to absorb new information is a trait that is useful to a lot of people. Modelling the way you learn best and being open to trying new things is an important trait to possess by almost every successful entrepreneur. Learning is also a very important trait to help you find success in your own startups. If you are not willing to learn from your mistakes, your startups will be doomed to fail.


The most successful entrepreneurs are often explorers and learners. They are constantly looking for new opportunities and ways to expand their current startup businesses. Being curious about other people’s thoughts and ideas is also useful. If you want to model a successful entrepreneur, then you must be a learner. Curiosity can lead to several different personality traits including the traits of creativity and originality, as well as persistence.


These are just a few traits that can help you be a successful entrepreneur and achieve more with your startups. The most important thing to remember is that you should try to learn as much as you can about each of the character traits listed above.

Modelling your personality traits is crucial if you want to achieve success with your business or startup. Learning new knowledge every day can help you avoid making the same mistakes twice.

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