Brainstorming, group thinking, Brainstorming, and other methods to increase creativity is a long-standing tradition, but newer methods to enhance brain functioning are now becoming more common. Brainwriting is used in the design thinking process is a much better way to promote creativity and thought development. 

Brainwriting is better than brainstorming because brainstorming rarely, if ever, gets all of the way through, and the facilitator eventually has to start over from the beginning. Brainwriting is better than brainstorming because it hammers home points that were not really thought of during the brainstorming session and can then be used to spark new ideas and improve upon what was already thought of.

Brainwriting is a creative act, and this creative act provides many important links in the brain’s connectivity system. Brainwave entrainment and brainwave synchronization can help the brain to achieve a greater sense of freedom and adventure. Brainwriting is literally a matter of brainpower… with creativity, your brain can operate at such a high level that the potential for knowledge creation is dramatically increased.

The creative person often seems to possess an endless supply of new ideas waiting to be thought up and put into action. And why not, who doesn’t want to think up and create their own originality? 

While brainstorming can be a valuable tool when it comes to turning random ideas into creative ones, a creative person can be the machine waiting in the wings ready to be invented. As Albert Einstein once asked, “What is more creative than a man who has no problems but only wants to solve problems?”

The FORTH Innovation method has developed brainwriting to be the backbone of the ideation process. The process has to have inputs, this is why the ideation sessions are the third step in the innovation method. 

The FORTH Innovation method was developed by Gijs Van Wulfen to help in the innovation of products and is based on the design thinking process, but importantly connects creativity to business reality. 

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