Growth systems are a powerful concept that is designed to help with growth. What do I mean by growth? That’s simple, “growth” means to continue to move forward, doing what needs to be done to reach the next level or “stage.” In other words, instead of focusing on what we are currently doing and working to improve on it, we need to focus on what we need to do and then go about it properly.

Focus on now

With the growth system approach, we will stop focusing on the past and future and instead begin to focus on the present and first things first. This means first asking our customers (the first step in our process) what their biggest problem is. This will allow us to create a plan based on this information. How do we know what the most common problem is?

It’s simple, we all have problems! However, in this situation, we also realize that not all customers are going to be able to fix their problem in the same way. If we were to ask each customer individually we would each find different answers to this same question. So, by creating a generalized problem we will be more successful. As a result, we should all focus on this single concept.

Provide real value

Once we understand this, we can take the generalized problem and convert it into a specific solution. This may be related to a process or a product. In either case, once we have a clear vision and focus we can then begin to create systems to carry out this solution. We need to remember that all these systems will not work if we do not understand and believe that our business is providing a real value to our customers.

By focusing on this concept of creating systems to solve problems we will quickly find that many customers will purchase from us because they see us as being a company that provides a service that solves their particular problems.

Provide startups growth marketing value

Focus across the funnel

Our growth marketing plan is only important because it gives us the ability to convert our prospects into paying customers. If we were to simply focus on generating leads without ever seeing a sale, then our conversion rates would suffer. We would spend unnecessary time on selling products that we could never possibly convert into paying customers. So, by understanding this concept we can start to put systems in place to make your business more successful. If we fail to do this, we could quickly find ourselves going through a series of costly mistakes.


I encourage all startups to focus on really understanding their customers before they invest in growth marketing during their first year. Once we have seen a business meet product-market fit, we can apply growth marketing methods to improve the customer funnel. This is when you will start to see growth in your business. Remember to stay consistent and don’t give up.

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