Entrepreneurs who have a great idea for a new business and a good investment behind them might be compelled to launch their enterprise as soon as possible. However, it could be prudent to wait until the new year, as there are many reasons why this is a better time for a launch.


Avoid a business break

There’s no doubt excited entrepreneurs will want to get their business off the ground as soon as possible, but there is little point in doing this if you are then going to have a break for a couple of weeks over Christmastime. Even if you don’t plan on taking the time off, most people do, including potential clients or customers, so it’ll be harder to tap into your target market over the festive period anyway.

If you wait until January, you’ll be able to keep up momentum without taking a break almost immediately.


Stick to plans

New Year is a time for making resolutions, hoping to improve their habits over the proceeding 12 months. Therefore, you are more likely to go into your business with good intentions and be determined to keep them.

According to FounderU Selz: “Even if you struggle with committing, the bright promise of a new year can give you enough fuel in January to make a commitment to your business goals for the next year.”


Feeling refreshed

Most of us end the year feeling pretty depleted, ready to sink into our couches with a glass of Baileys and some chocolate, letting our bodies and minds rest for a few days. So why would you want to start a new enterprise when you are not feeling your best?

Make time over the festive period to clear your head, re-energise yourself, and feel refreshed, as you’ll be able to bring so much more to your company than you would if you are tired and rundown.

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