If your start-up is to be successful, you need a strong marketing strategy. You need to know who you are selling to, what their needs are, why your products or services meet that need, and what kind of marketing methods – be it ads, content, social media or a mixture of these – you will use to reach your audience.

All this needs to be done in a way that can help steer potential customers down the various stages of the buyer journey, starting with awareness, then consideration, then finally the buyer decision – not to mention the follow-up where you seek to bring happy customers back for more.

However, a successful marketing strategy can never just be about making good guesses about how to do all this. There will inevitably be some trial and error, which is where analytics come in.

This is where you can use various items of analytics software to establish what is working and what is not. This does not just relate to how successful your own initial efforts are. It can also help you study what the competition is doing.

For instance, if you are using a lot of content marketing, you can study what keywords your rivals are using and which ones are helping attract web content, as well as which ones are doing the most to boost their search engine optimisation.

Similarly, analytics can help show you what online ads are cutting through, which platforms they work best on and even what times of day people are most likely to respond.

Ultimately, all this saves time, cuts costs and helps you build brand awareness more successfully.

The need for analytics will never stop. A successful start-up will cut through well enough early on to get a good market share and build its brand, but over the longer term customers will change tastes and expectations, which analytics will help you understand as they respond differently to marketing messages over time.

Analytics is all about building up as much knowledge as you can, and constantly tweaking your marketing strategy to stay up with the competition.

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