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Early-Stage Business & Product Consultancy

We develop entrepreneurs & organisations to shine, scale and make an impact. We build entrepreneurial mindsets, consult about developing better products and improving your growth objectives via a metric-driven approach.

We are a business consultancy based in the heart of the UK. We work with startups, early-stage & more established businesses to guide them towards their growth aims.

We are experts in Lean startup practices, JTBD and are official partners of Leanstack. Suppose you are looking to grow an existing product using data-driven product management. In that case, we have you covered, or you want to apply more focus to your business, we can implement OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) throughout your organisation or startup to drive you forward.

Visualise is proud to work with the below platforms to promote and develop innovation opportunities.


Is a leading provider of lean startup and lean business modelling tools, content, and coaching resources that are used by thousands of makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Heap Analytics

Is a product analytics platform that helps growing businesses that is trying to predict the future: What products should we build? What markets should we enter? How do we provide great customer service?


Is inspired by the proven Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework, the Gtmhub Results Management System provides strategic clarity and direction across teams, functions, and business units to deliver mission-centric outcomes.

OKR Coaching Networkย 

Founded by Ben Lamorte of, and author of two best-selling books on OKRs. The mission of the network is to enable OKRs coaches to connect and exchange best practices in order to develop OKRs coaching skills that improve alignment, focus, engagement, communication and learning in the global workplace.

As a founder member, we demonstrate a commitment to OKRs, continuous development and thought leadership around the subject matter.

Forth innovation method

Is an inspiring practical innovation method in five steps to creating new products and services in 15 weeks after the kick-off. The Forth innovation method is based on design thinking and connects day-to-day business reality with outside the box creativity.

business coach - Forbes - startups

Our Commitment



People discover new things and feel more significant and better as a result



Creativity, Innovation and Product development can be learned



Facilitating more collaboration between people, which is needed more than ever

  • business coach - Forbes - startups
  • Testing business ideas
  • Testing business ideas
  • business coach - Forbes - startups
  • Testing business ideas

Founding Partner: Andrew Constable MBA

I specialise in taking startups, early-stage & more established businesses from ๐‚๐จ๐ง๐Ÿ๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ข๐จ๐ง ๐ญ๐จ ๐‚๐ฅ๐š๐ซ๐ข๐ญ๐ฒ.

As an MBA qualified Forbes contributor & consultant, my practice is based around:

Lean Startup – Spend More Time Building vs Planning Your Business

Most products fail not because entrepreneurs fail to build what they set out to create but because they waste needless time, money, and effort building the wrong product. In other words, they make something nobody wants…We assist you in finding a better way.

Jobs-To-Be-Done – Unearth Customer Struggles

Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) is a method that helps you understand why and how people obtain the products they do.

Testing Business Ideas – Reduce the Risk of Failure

We use a set of tools, techniques, and tactics designed to help you validate an idea for a new product quickly, objectively, and accurately.

Business Modeling – The What, Who, How and Why

The strategy workshop process is your key to empowering participants, by using the tested Lean canvas, business model canvas, Value proposition canvas and Customer forces canvas, to identify areas of business growth, by following an approach used by the leading organisations.

OKR Consulting – Drive Alignment & Focus

Objectives and key results lead to better performance management by tracking your progress through goal-setting. You can use them with groups and teams, and they’re set over a specified amount of time so you can track your progress.

I run the agency, ๐•๐ข๐ฌ๐ฎ๐š๐ฅ๐ข๐ฌ๐ž ๐’๐จ๐ฅ๐ฎ๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง๐ฌ.

We are experts in Lean startup practices and are official partners of Leanstack. Suppose you are looking to grow an existing product using data-driven product management. In that case, we have you covered, or you want to apply more focus to your business, we can implement OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) throughout your organisation or startup to drive you forward.

I am a member of the Association of Business Mentors, a fellow of the Institute of Innovation and knowledge exchange, and MBAs.

I have over 20 years of experience in product management in global organisations, managing complex relationships strategically and driving business change.

business coach - Forbes - startups
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Andrew is a leader who is willing to listen, engages widely (avid reader, stakeholders) and takes a critical approach (theory and practical experience) to problem-solving. In my experience, he is a great communicator who is able to engage and build interest in stakeholders. Andrew is also very resilient and has the awareness and ability to manage his own mindfulness and well-being during personal and professional challenges so he delivers objectives.

Kevin Campbell MBA, BT Plc

Andrew is an astute, resilient and driven professional. With his strong consultancy skills directed towards innovation and knowledge sharing, he has the ability to turn management theory into practice. Andrew has developed into a consulting professional and I would recommend him to any organisation, especially when looking at his use of creative and analytical skills to develop products and teams.

Dr Ankur Kumar , The Priory Group

I worked with Andrew in the same global virtual design sprint project team, tackling the challenge of Pandemic and domestic violence. He made an invaluable contribution. I really got inspired by his dedication and commitment. He thinks logically and clearly โ€“ do expect a lot of intelligent questions from him! Creative and definitely an out-of-the-box innovative thinker Andrew earns my highest recommendation be it as an Innovation Consultant or Facilitator.

Rajesh Ragavan , Freelance Designer

“Andy is a great experienced innovator himself and has the unique soft skills to be an excellent coach and certified innovation facilitator of the FORTH innovation methodology too. I can recommend him strongly.”

Gijs Van Wulfen, author of The Innovation Expedition & founder of the FORTH innovation method

“Andrew is a true thought-leader in the innovation and start-up space. His ideas, provocations and expertise make him a go-to advisor in my opinion.”

Elvin Turner, author of Be Less Zombie: How great companies create dynamic innovation, fearless leadership and passionate people

I am a fellow coach of Andrew’s; we improve our coaching practices in a mastermind group for Continuous Innovation coaches. Andrew is often the coach who is “ahead of the curve” on his knowledge and understanding of innovation best practices and coaching methods, and is the one I often look to for advice on my own practices. Of all the coaches in our mastermind, I would most highly recommend Andrew for clients and companies looking to speed up and improve their startup/innovation efforts.

James Rector , Coach

Andrew is very passionate about start-ups and innovation and it comes across very clearly in terms of the work he is doing for his clients. He is always a step ahead and ensures that he brings the best thinking and approach to market both in terms of challenging his own business, but also for start-up businesses he is coaching. Andy and I have benefitted greatly supporting each other businesses and use each other as sounding boards. Andrew clearly demonstrates that he understands the benefits of the gig economy brings to market and how we can all benefit working together.

Thomas Poedenphant, Director at Articles

Key Skills Of A 21st-Century Entrepreneur And Why They’re Important

Being a 21st-century entrepreneur is a demanding and exciting challenge. This article discusses the key skills needed to be a 21st-century entrepreneur

Why Entrepreneurs Must Develop A Growth Mindset For Their Businesses

Why should entrepreneurs develop a growth mindset?. This article discusses why this is an important skill to learn.

business coach - Forbes - startups

How To Build Resilience As A Startup Founder

One of the most common themes I see in different businesses is the need for startup founders to think about their weaknesses and work to overcome them. This article discusses why this is an important skill to learn.

business coach - Forbes - startups

Four Things That Can Help Grow Your Business In 2021 And Beyond

The question of how to grow your business in 2021 can be difficult to answer. This article discusses some methods to do this.

business coach - Forbes - startups

Why The Characteristics Of The Entrepreneurial Mindset Matter

An entrepreneurial mindset sometimes referred to as a growth mindset, is a collection of skills that allow individuals to harness opportunities, overcome obstacles, learn and implement strategies and thrive in all sorts of competitive environments. This article discusses some methods to do this.

business coach - Forbes - startups

Product-Market Fit Is Crucial But Donโ€™t Forget About What Should Come First

Marc Andreessen, the founder of Andreessen Horowitz, notably stated that a business went through two stages: before product-market fit and after. This article discusses this.

What OKRs Are, And How To Avoid Three Common OKR Mistakes

You may have heard about objectives, goals and such, but what are OKRs? OKRs stand for “objectives and key results” and were first introduced at Intel Corporation by Andy Grove, the legendary CEO. OKRs evolved from other management methods, such as management by objectives, and have been applied across businesses ranging from early-stage startups to global enterprises.

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Early-Stage Companies, Stop Chasing The Next Shiny Object: Use OKRs To Focus

Youโ€™re an early-stage company; you are feeling overwhelmed with a list of tasks that need completing. You hear about the latest quick fix and think it will work for your startup, so you head off in the direction of this shiny new objectโ€ฆStop!

business coach - Forbes - startups

Startups And Product Teams, Don’t Execute Business Ideas Without Evidence

Ideas can come from anywhere, and generating ideas is easy.

The difficulty is that good idea can be few and far between, and it can be challenging at first to distinguish a good idea from a bad one.

So experiment…

business coach - Forbes - startups

Tips To Help You Grow And Succeed As A Modern Entrepreneur

An entrepreneurial growth mindset is one of the most important keys to an entrepreneurโ€™s success as a leader. Entrepreneurs are those who have mastered the art of developing companies from nothing and turned them into profitable businesses and products.

business coach - Forbes - startups

Understanding The Jobs A Customer Wants Performed And Where The Customer Hangs Out

Product market fit describes the level to which a product sufficiently fills a strong market need. To be blunt, if a product can’t fill a need or solve a problem, it’s not a good idea.


business coach - Forbes - startups

Startup development, growth plans and experimentation Interview by Formula2GX Digital

Andrew Constable completed a recent interview with Sveta from Formula2GX Digital, a digital marketing agency

We discussed startup development, growth plans and experimentation.

Lean Startup Trend Talk: Andrew Constable MBA discusses the Customer forces model

I presented at the Innotivity Institute in South Africa the customer forces model that we use in the customer discovery process. The meeting was streamed live on Facebook and included innovation practitioners based mainly in Africa.

Top 5 Mistakes in Remote Innovation Online as a startup or an established organisation

In Top 5 Mistakes in Remote Innovation Online, Gijs van Wulfen and Andrew Constable show you common mistakes when you innovate online.

Business Model Canvas Workshop for the Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy is a not-for-profit organization that trains marginalizedย communities for remote digital work.ย 

I completed a business model workshop to introduce the students to business models and the tools used to analyse and develop there own businesses.

business coach - Forbes - startups

The Official Pretotyping Podcast

Andrew Constable is a certified Leanstack coach and founder of Visualize Solutions, coaching founders to product-market fit. Saibelle Khaibeh is the founder of SK innovations, aiming to utilize pretotyping to design user-centric products.

Together, we all chat about how they got into pretotyping, pretotyping our own habits, and the concept of โ€œinnovation theatre.โ€ Plus, hear about how Saibelle is testing a face mask disinfectant at home!

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