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We are a Business & Product Agency

We Help Organisations to Develop Better Business Models, Products, and Objectives to Move the Needle

Visualise is a business agency based in the heart of the UK, and we work with clients all over the world. We help startups and established businesses bring their ideas to life, and set objectives through a combination of strategy, tactics and coaching.

We understand that every business has unique needs and challenges. Our solutions are tailored for each client’s specific market and sector.

With a background in business model design and strategy, we have been involved in some of the most innovative projects. We are experts in Lean startup practices, Business model design, Business strategy, JTBD and OKRs development.

Visualise is proud to work with our partners:


Is a leading provider of lean startup and lean business modelling tools, content, and coaching resources that are used by thousands of makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Heap Analytics

Is a product analytics platform that helps growing businesses that is trying to predict the future: What products should we build? What markets should we enter? How do we provide great customer service?


Is inspired by the proven Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework, the Gtmhub Results Management System provides strategic clarity and direction across teams, functions, and business units to deliver mission-centric outcomes.

OKR Coaching Network 

Founded by Ben Lamorte of, and author of two best-selling books on OKRs. The mission of the network is to enable OKRs coaches to connect and exchange best practices in order to develop OKRs coaching skills that improve alignment, focus, engagement, communication and learning in the global workplace.

As a founder members, we demonstrate a commitment to OKRs, continuous development and thought leadership around the subject matter.

Forth innovation method

Is an inspiring practical innovation method in five steps to creating new products and services in 15 weeks after the kick-off. The Forth innovation method is based on design thinking and connects day-to-day business reality with outside the box creativity.

business coach - Forbes - startups
business coach - Forbes - startups
business coach - Forbes - startups

Our Commitment



People discover new things and feel more significant and better as a result



Creativity, Innovation and Product development can be learned



Facilitating more collaboration between people, which is needed more than ever

Meet the Team – Let’s Connect

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Andrew Constable

Founder & Leadership / Innovation Consultant

We Help Organisations to Develop Better Business Models, Products, and Objectives to Move the Needle

As an MBA qualified consultant, Forbes contributor & co-author of the book “Online Innovation”.

I have been shaped by working with great people & thought leaders throughout the years and having a great network of seasoned innovators and strategists, for which I have learnt so much.

My practice has been shaped by Lean startup, JTBD (job to be done), testing business ideas, business model design, business strategy, and OKRs (objectives and key results).

I am a member of the Association of Business Mentors, a fellow of the Institute of Innovation and knowledge exchange, and MBAs.

I have over 20 years of experience in product & business management in global organisations, managing complex relationships strategically and driving business change.

business coach - Forbes - startups
business coach - Forbes - startups

Brian K. Gladden, DBA


Brian is one of the leading experts on Blue Ocean Strategy in the United States. He has spent years researching business model design and innovation, and has been trained by the creators of Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and testing business ideas.

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business coach - Forbes - startups

Paul Osborn


Paul has been around the product space for a long time, working as a product manager, PMO director, startup entrepreneur, and change management consultant in different parts of the world. Paul has a detailed understanding of Agile, startup practices and other innovation methods.

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business coach - Forbes - startups

Usina de Startup Brazil Instagram Live

Instagram Live event where we discussed startups, business strategy,  the use of our new startup scorecard and of course, discussed our new book “Online Innovation”

OKRs / Growth Management

What is the Big Mistake Teams Make When Setting OKRs? — OKR Minute by Gtmhub

We see lots of problems, this short video explains one of the leading issues.

Startup development, growth plans and experimentation Interview by Formula2GX Digital

Andrew Constable completed a recent interview with Sveta from Formula2GX Digital, a digital marketing agency

We discussed startup development, growth plans and experimentation.

business coach - Forbes - startups

Lean Startup Trend Talk: Andrew Constable MBA discusses the Customer forces model

I presented at the Innotivity Institute in South Africa the customer forces model that we use in the customer discovery process. The meeting was streamed live on Facebook and included innovation practitioners based mainly in Africa.

business coach - Forbes - startups

Top 5 Mistakes in Remote Innovation Online as a startup or an established organisation

In Top 5 Mistakes in Remote Innovation Online, Gijs van Wulfen and Andrew Constable show you common mistakes when you innovate online.

Business Model Canvas Workshop for the Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy is a not-for-profit organization that trains marginalized communities for remote digital work. 

I completed a business model workshop to introduce the students to business models and the tools used to analyse and develop there own businesses.

business coach - Forbes - startups

The Official Pretotyping Podcast

Andrew Constable is a certified Leanstack coach and founder of Visualize Solutions, coaching founders to product-market fit. Saibelle Khaibeh is the founder of SK innovations, aiming to utilize pretotyping to design user-centric products.

Together, we all chat about how they got into pretotyping, pretotyping our own habits, and the concept of “innovation theatre.” Plus, hear about how Saibelle is testing a face mask disinfectant at home!

Partner Relationships

Leanstack Partner

We are an official Leanstack partner

business coach - Forbes - startups

Heap Analytics Partner

We are a an official partner of Heap Product Analytics in the UK

business coach - Forbes - startups

Gtmhub Partner

We are an official Gtmhub partner

business coach - Forbes - startups

OKRs Coach Network

We are a Founder Member of the OKRs Coaching Network

FORTH Partner

We are an official certified FORTH partner