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Use OKRs to Establish Focus and Align Teams Around Goals

OKRs stands for Objectives & Key Results. They are the ultimate way for companies to establish focus and align teams around company goals. They embed transparency into the culture of organizations and engage everyone to deliver their best work in pursuit of a shared purpose.

OKRs evolved from the DNA of Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives (MBOs). They were first introduced by Andy Grove at Intel in the 1970s. OKRs were then adopted by Google in the late 1990s and have since taken Silicon Valley and the rest of the world by storm.

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Founded by Ben Lamorte of, and author of two best-selling books on OKRs. The mission of the network is to enable OKRs coaches to connect and exchange best practices in order to develop OKRs coaching skills that improve alignment, focus, engagement, communication and learning in the global workplace.

As a founder member, we demonstrate a commitment to OKRs, continuous development and thought leadership around the subject matter.

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business coach - Forbes - startups

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Early-Stage Companies, Stop Chasing The Next Shiny Object: Use OKRs To Focus

This article in Forbes magazine, written by Andrew Constable MBA outlines this approach.

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business coach - Forbes - startups
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What are OKRs?

The OKR methodology is a simple process of setting and aligning company and team goals (Objectives) and connecting each Objective with 3-5 measurable results (Key Results) to measure progress.

For example, increase _____ from X to YReduce ______ by X%Improve ______ up to X%. Key Results can be measured on a 0-100% scale or any numerical unit (ex: Pound amount, %, items, etc.).

As progress is made on each Key Result, progress on the Objective moves forward on a 0-100% scale. Objectives are also supported by your weekly activities and initiatives (Plans) that you’ll take to drive forward the progress of an Objective. Plans should be created on a weekly basis and be linked to your Objectives.

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What is the Big Mistake Teams Make When Setting OKRs?

Part of the OKR series for Gtmhub.

No fluff, all answers in a minute timeframe.

For this episode, we have Andrew Constable MBA, Founder: Early-Stage Business & Product Consultancy, Visualise Solutions

He answers the question: What is the big mistake teams make when setting OKRs?

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Improve Your Focus

We work with businesses of all sizes to implement OKRs to define and make measurable progress on their most important goals.

We can get your team up to speed and using OKRs in just a few weeks! Whether you are just getting started with OKRs or looking to move your current OKRs process into a more efficient application, we can quickly customize a package for your organization.

As a founder member of the OKRs coach network, we demonstrate a commitment to OKRs, continuous development and thought leadership around the subject matter.

As official partners of Leanstack, Heap Analytics, Gtmhub, & Forth Innovation method, we are well placed to accelerate your journey to success.

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Andrew Constable MBA

Improve Your Goal Setting Towards Growth

Objectives and key results lead to better performance management by tracking your progress through goal-setting. You can use them with groups and teams, and they’re set over a specified amount of time so you can track your progress.

OKRs have helped thousands of high-growth companies successfully implement growth strategies. Through practice, we have learned that organizational focus is the most important benefit, followed by accountability. Other benefits are engagement, alignment and transparency.

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Our Top 3 Killers of OKRs we See When Coaching Organisations

There are many mistakes that I have seen during my coaching engagements with both early-stage, fast-growing startups and scaling businesses.

This article in the leading OKR software, Gtmhub explains this.

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What Types Of Companies Use OKRs?

Company OKRs originally arrived at Google in 1999 when VC John Doerr introduced them to Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They’ve been used at Google ever since—and it seems Google has done quite well with growth since the 90s. Talk about social proof!

Many companies have used OKRs successfully at one point or another (or still do to this day) including Twitter, Intel, Sears, LinkedIn, Oracle, and Jira.

There are four main benefits of OKRs, which is why these companies use them

  • Alignment

  • Focus

  • Transparency

  • Engagement

The OKR Process

We follow the 4-phase approach to OKRs coaching that Ben Lamorte developed. It contains four phases, from the initial meeting to the ongoing coaching engagement with your business.

The process is based on a typical 8-month program to support you throughout TWO OKRs cycles, but of course, we focus on your demands and tailor the offering to your business environment.

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Companies that currently use OKRs include:

Org that use OKRs

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