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Test Your Business Ideas to Reduce Failure

Successful product teams know that they must test ideas; this embraces the core aspect of the Lean startup process of Build, Measure & Learn.

However, many teams end up with Build, Build, Build! Why Measure when you can Build more; why Learn when you can Build even more!


Learning is the most critical part of testing business ideas, so this is the aspect we focus on.

The three key questions in the Learn stage are: Do they? (Desirability) Should we? (Viability) Can we? (Feasibility)

To learn, you need to Measure. You can collect qualitative and quantitative data which answers Why and What, respectively.

Systematically Win Big, With Small Bets

Testing business ideas - business model canvas - strategyzer

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Leanstack is a leading provider of lean startup, lean business modelling & testing tools that are used by thousands of makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Testing business ideas - business model canvas - Leanstack

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Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a day, so Test!

One test is not enough, you must continue to test up to at least 5 times as even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

This article written by Andrew Constable MBA outlines this approach.

Data Beats Opinion

Testing business ideas - business model canvas - strategyzer
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Reduce Risk by Testing Your Ideas

To test a big business idea, you have to break it down into smaller chunks of testable bets. These bets cover three types of risk. First, that customers aren’t interested in your idea (Desirability). 

Second, that you cant build and deliver your idea (Feasibility). Thirdly, that you cant earn enough money from your idea (Viability). 

Testing business ideas - business model canvas - Leanstack

You test your most important bets with appropriate experiments. Each experiment generates evidence and insights that allow you to learn and decide. Based on the evidence and your primary insights, you either adapt your idea if you find you were on the wrong path or continue testing other aspects of your idea if the evidence supports your direction. 

The Innovators Number one Task is to Reduce Risk and Uncertainty

Too many entrepreneurs and innovators execute ideas prematurely because they look great in presentations, make excellent sense in the spreadsheet, and look irresistible in the business plan. Only to learn later that their vision turned out to be a hallucination.

Test your ideas thoroughly, regardless of how great they may seem in theory.

Don’t make the mistake of executing business ideas without evidence.

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Experimentation is Tough…We Make It Easier 

You want to start testing your ideas to avoid significant failures but are unsure where to begin.

Experiment Sequences…Run in the Right Order

We help you develop your experiment types arranged by cost, time and strength of evidence. 

Testing business ideas - Lean Canvas

Find the Route to Growth

Build a bulletproof, evidence-backed case so that your idea isn’t a flop and is ready to scale.

Reduce the Risk of Failure

7 out of 10 new products fail to deliver expectations. We aim to reverse that statistic.

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Testing business ideas
Testing business ideas
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Training Workshops

Building Your Testing Engine  

Initial training workshops are an essential element and are run in various formats, both online and in-person. They are devised to build the testing capacity of core team members, from basic knowledge to designing real-world experiments. 

The aim is to train your team, whether you are a startup or a more established business, in the fundamentals of testing business ideas and rapid experimentation. We ensure that the team are aligned and ready to build to experiments that matter. 

Learn the skills, processes and tools needed for designing and running world-class business experiments.

Testing business ideas - strategyzer
Testing business ideas