One of Steve Jobs’ most important personal traits was his incredible imagination. He always talked about the possibilities of what could be done with the computer and the power of the Internet and how this could change business and startups.

What other personal traits did Steve Jobs have and which others have had?

He said, “If you have a vision, you can create real results,” as it is said in the famous entrepreneur Ryan Himmelberg article (What Personal Character Traits Did Make Steve Jobs Successful). That’s why many entrepreneurs are passionate about building their startups around their dreams and giving them the energy and excitement to succeed. They build product people love, they build great relationships with customers and prospects, and they have an innovative approach to their startup business.

But did Steve have these personality traits also? Well, he had plenty. But I will focus on two really important ones: his imagination and his passion. Both are important, but only one can propel you into the “rich” club. Here are the traits shared by many of the most successful people who’ve made big fortunes using their imagination and passion to develop their startups.


If you look at the list of most successful entrepreneurs, you will see that many of them share one or more creative personality traits. For example, Bill Gates was a very passionate and inventive computer entrepreneur. He was passionate about software development, designing programs, testing games, and building the company’s infrastructure. He was fearless and willing to try new things. He didn’t even wait for his competitors to fail before he tried something new. Just like Steve Jobs, Gates created revolutionary products that changed the world.

Startups creativity



Another common trait in successful entrepreneurs is a passionate imagination. People love to read about it, watch movies about it, and listen to music about it. You can be a very creative person without having to use your imagination, but if you don’t have one you will struggle to do anything of worth. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to start a business, write a good email, build a website, market their products or services, or imaginatively give speeches. These are critical elements of starting any business and my advice would be to speak to a business coach that can help with this field and develop other growth marketing methods to grow your startups.

The key is to tap into your passionate imagination and find new ways to create great products. There are plenty of resources to teach you how to do this. If you are not passionate about your work, there’s a good chance you will never be successful. Most people love to make money so they will happily pay you to teach them how to do it. Focus on the who more than how and this will save you time in the long run as a startup business.


An entrepreneur must have a vision. They must set the vision for the team and show them how they will benefit if they follow their lead. If the leader doesn’t have the right personality traits, they will likely fail in their leadership role.


However, if they have passion, creativity, teamwork, imagination, and leadership skills they will be effective in his position. To be a great entrepreneur, learn how to be a great leader by researching and studying leadership styles and personality traits that make leaders effective, this will help you build up great relationships with customers and prospects to allow you to grow.

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